The War

I recently visited “The Beaches of Normandy”, I wanted to see were my father landed on Utah Beach on August 23, 1944 and where this horrific but necessary offensive by the extraordinarily brave men and women of the allied forces took place. Standing on Utah Beach, it is hard to imagine the atrocities of war that took place here. I’ve read about, seen plenty of movies about it, heard stories about it and actually standing there 74 years later it was eerily calm, deserted and peaceful but such a dread feeling came over me, it over whelmed to the point that I froze there for several minutes and cried at the thought of the enormous loss of life that took place during the occupation of France and war in Europe. I visited the memorials and the museums, the remnants of this war are scattered along the coast and the countryside of France and we should never forget what took place here or the brave men and women who sacrificed  their lives so we could live in freedom.

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