A Higher Perspective

I recently moved to a new apartment. To a new country. I use my camera, a lot of the time as a tool to help me understand the world around me, to help me adjust and decipher the differences of my new surroundings.  Understanding a new culture and language are extraordinarily difficult. Prior to moving here my approach to photography was strictly street, up close and personal.

Afterwards, I found myself slowly starting to isolate my subjects in a greater expanse of view. Looking to get a little more distance from these people I could not fully communicate with makes me feel safer. I noticed that I did not leave my apartment as often as I used to, feeling a little cutoff and isolated from the things that I knew.

In this series of work I show the loneliness that I am feeling. The distance of my subjects and their anonymity are isolated within a frame full of chaos, complex angles and shapes. I find them mysterious, different and fascinating as they scurry about with their lives. Living on the 7th floor, I spend a lot of time on the balconies and out the windows watching. . . dreaming. . . wondering. . .”Who are these people?”, “Where are they are going?”, “What are they going to do?”,  ‘Who are they going to meet?”  as I isolate myself and ponder in this, ” A Higher Perspective”.


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