About Me

I started taking pictures in the early 1970’s. My sister had an old Pentax that she never used, so I commandeered it and started to photograph everything I saw. It was not until I saw the work of W. Eugene Smith that it hit me, A Walk To The Paradise Garden or the Pittsburgh Photographs but especially A Madwoman in a Haitian Clinic blew me away. I knew at that point I wanted to take pictures of people and in black & white. Today I do some color but I continue to do B&W because I think it just leaves more to the imagination. You can concentrate more on the subject, shadows and light, of the image, focusing on the mood without the distraction of color.

I graduated from The New England School of Photography in Boston in 1975. I have expanded my passion to include other types of photography throughout the years but my heart belongs on the street.

Off, Arles, France 2016